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Geta Bratescu

Geta Brătescu

Geta Bratescu
Alterity (photo self-portrait, 2002)

Born: 04 May 1926; Ploiești, Romania

Field: painting, illustration, installation, photography, collage

Nationality: Romanian

Art Movement: Conceptual Art

Geta Brătescu is an artist associated with Romanian Conceptualism. She worked as an illustrator and later as a graphic designer for the cultural newspaper Secolul 20 (20th Century) in addition to her artistic projects. Toward the end of the ’70s, she rented a studio that not only served as a place of work and as a retreat, but also increasingly functioned as the subject of her artistic practice, becoming a stage for temporary installations as well as a production venue for her films.

In 2008 she is awarded with „doctor honoris causa” by the Arts University of Bucharest.

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