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Completion Date: 1968

Style: Post-Minimalism

Genre: installation

Material: fiberglass

Gallery: Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

Repetition Nineteen, III comprises nineteen bucketlike forms, all the same shape but none exactly alike. Like many artists of her generation, Hesse explored repetition as a compositional strategy. However, rather than relying on the strict, hard-edged geometry of Minimalism, she deployed softer, handmade forms. This work is made of translucent industrial fiberglass, one of the artist’s favorite materials. Visually simple in its design, Repetition is actually complex for its many associations, both to Hesse's work to that date, as well as to the world around her. The tube-like objects are in keeping with Hesse's compartmental preoccupations, but they are also ambiguously sexual. Even so, the translucent fiberglass allows light to pass through the containers glowingly, lending the composite artwork a calming pastoral or even quasi-spiritual quality.

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