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La Libert guidant le peuple


Completion Date: 1830

Style: Romanticism

Genre: history painting

Technique: oil

Material: canvas

Dimensions: 260 x 325 cm

Gallery: Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

Tags: female-nude, French-Revolution, military-and-soldiers, battles-and-wars, Liberty, historical-events

Perhaps Delacroix’s most influential and most recognizable paintings, Liberty Leading the People was created to commemorate the July Revolution of 1830, which removed Charles X of France from power. Delacroix wrote in a letter to his brother that a bad mood that had been hold of him was lifting due to the painting on which he was embarking (the Liberty painting), and that if he could not fight for his country then at least he would paint for it. The French government bought the painting in 1831, with plans to hang it in the room of the new king Louis-Philippe, but it was soon taken down for its revolutionary content. Lady Liberty was eventually the model for the Statue of Liberty, which was given to the United States 50 years later, and has also been featured on the French banknote.

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